Visual Story Telling - An opening exhibition by The South West Collective

"Visual Storytelling" OPEN CALL - An Exhibition by the South West Collective - Submission Form



The theme is “Visual Story Telling”. Entries can be from any Genre - Documentary, Portraiture, Photojournalism etc, we have no preference.

The South West Collective of Photography have been offered the fantastic opportunity through the Artizan Collective, to turn their pop up venue located on Torquay High street, into a fully operational public photography exhibition for a duration of 3 weeks beginning in early May 2019 (DTBC). This will be a first in Torbay in regards to photography and it will hopefully be the start of something fantastic within the local community and aims to engage with a wide variety of demographics, as well as promote arts and culture in the beautiful English Riviera.

We want the exhibition to have as much community engagement as possible and will seek to be holding workshops, talks and visits from local schools, as well as working with local businesses and organisations to try and get the public engaged with photography as a medium and our exhibition. We are hoping to run a series of events and talks from historians and lecturers which will educate students and the public on the selected works.


  • All submission fees go towards the accessibility and running of the event. We only ask for an £5 entry fee, as we do not have the financial capability of running a fully functioning public exhibition by ourselves. As of this moment, no-one gets paid from the South West Collective and no-one will be profiteering from this event. Our aim is to create a space to showcase photography in the South West.

  • As members of the collective are recent graduates, we understand how submission fees can cause restrictions, which is why we have kept our price low. Please remember that the chosen artists will be exhibiting in a fully insured, managed and rented public space. These things cost money to run and organise.

  • Chosen artists MUST cover the costs of printing, framing and transport of their work to and from the venue

  • If selected, all Artists will be provided with dates to attend setting up the exhibition. Dates for the opening are yet to be confirmed.

  • All work is fully insured in the space.

  • Your personal information and data is not stored in any form unless specified by The South West Collective.

  • The exhibition is run in association with the Artizan Collective in Torquay. The Artizan have secured the space for us to run the show. The Artizan and South West Collective will take a 30% fee from any sales of work during the show. The work cannot be taken down to sell during the show and the buyer must collect purchased work when we dismantle the show.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Who can submit? Anyone from any stage in their photographic career, from students to professional photographers.

  • How many images? You submit between 1-10 images.

  • How many works get selected? We will select four submissions to showcase their work, alongside four core artists who’s work corresponds with the educational program that we will be running.

  • When do submissions close? Friday the 12th of April at 5pm.

  • Those who will be shortlisted will find out confirmed dates by the 15th of April and further information regarding dates of setups and times.

Due to final confirmation, I have been asked to not share images of the space for now. If you wish to see the space please contact me. The above image is of the collective who are organising and arranging the space.

Please find all details on the shop page:

Christmas and New Year

The South West Collective of Photography Ltd would like to thank all of our customers, friends and fellow photographers for their support in getting this company off the ground. We are only at the beginning of our journey, but in only five months, we have built this company from the ground up and the start has been electrifying. Although we still face the same funding and financial issues, I can assure you next year will be a big year for photography in the South West of England. I have some fantastic and exciting things in the works, so watch this space for more information.

I hope you all have a fantastic Christmas and New year and hope 2019 brings you happiness.

Best Wishes,

Samuel Fradley

Busy Busy Busy

Its been a little while since I updated you on our progress, but I felt today was a good day to do so. So whats new? The company and brand has been growing exponentially since my last post which is fantastic. In terms of sales and revenue, we are much the same and its a little slow… but slow is better than nothing and we are ticking over nicely. Our analytics indicate that more people visited the site and the instagram in the last month than ever before which is amazing and I cannot thank you guys enough, especially those of you who I talk to and those who share our content.

I recently had a meeting with Max from Freerange, while I was in London exhibiting work as part of the South West Graduate Photography Prize. (the exhibition was great) Max was fantastic and fully supports our mission of promoting photography in the South West, with the talk of The South West Collective bringing shows featuring South West based artists to London at the Old Truman Brewery in the future, which is an absolute MUST and something we must all work together for. Whether I fund it, or, we fund it as a collective of artists, this will happen in the future as it is important for the medium and for us.

What else have we been up too?

Last Saturday on the 17th of November, myself and 4 fantastic volunteers photographed and filmed Torquays very first TED talks event, named TED X TORQUAY. TED is a multimedia company with over 11 million followers on youtube and is known internationally across the world. This was a fantastic opportunity to all who was involved and provided the students with an incredible opportunity to help a globally renowned company bring something exciting to the long forgotten English Riviera. The students and myself, gained valuable experience working for a client and in return will receive fantastic references for the future. (TED is non profit) This was the South West Collective of photography first public role as a business and oh boy was it a good one.

If you read my last post, you will be aware we are trying to figure out how and where to have our first exhibition, which will hopefully take place early to mid 2019. I have been researching and exploring suitable venues and have a few in mind, however I will update you nearer the time when I myself have a clear ideas of whats happening, as for now, an exhibition is just a goal to reach, not quite a reality. This is all due to the financial situation, as running a company is costly, I have not paid myself a penny from the business yet, as I am letting it be self sufficient until it grows further and begins to speed up order wise.

As always I truly appreciate all the support from all of you, everybody I have met, spoke to and emailed, you guys are the best. Only together can we achieve things here in the South West, it will take all of us combined to change the attitudes and perception of the public and local councils. I believe we can force them to spend on arts and culture once again, but this will have to be a push from us all, photography needs a home in the South West and we will reach that goal one day.




Its been slow progress but things are finally moving. We have started selling products and spreading the message, however we still need your help.

Our first goal is The South West Collectives opening exhibition. This will more than likely held at Ocean Studios in Plymouth. Currently, we are aiming for this in the new year, however this all depends on finances and what photographers are available to show their work. The theme will be announced once we have confirmed the details and venue and costs.

Why do we need your help?

This industry works in bizarre ways. One lucky break or one photo can change your life and career forever, however for many of us that is not the case. I would love to give each and every one of you opportunities, but in order to do that we have to fund it. All I ask from you is that you share our posts on social media, buy our film and products when you need them, stop the money going to the fat cats but rather to the small guy who wants to help. Only by doing this can we begin to progress towards our long term goals.

Our featured artists have been phenomenal. The talent we have featured since the founding of the company has been sublime and I truly wish each and every one of them the best in their careers. The talent we have featured is exactly the reason that I founded this company, to share work on a platform where people can see it and interact with photography. Even people who do not normally interact with photography have got involved. This is exactly the type of stimulation the industry needs.

If you have work that you want to feature, or just want to have a chat, I would love to hear from you! Message us in the contact section!

We filmed our first ever product review, check it out:

Stay Tuned,



This month we have featured some incredible photographers. I cannot thank you all enough for submitting and sharing your work with me and the collective. You guys are on your way to incredible things and we at The South West Collective will support you as best as we can.


We have three new products this month:

Kodak Portra 120- £6.50 a roll

Kodak Ektar- £6.50 a roll

Ilford FP4 Black and White film- £5.50 a roll

*These are as cheap as possible, there is no way I can get medium format film any cheaper*

As always I cannot stress the importance of supporting us. We cannot reach our goals of opening a gallery space or supporting artists without you.

Personal News

I am away at the end of October to early November featuring in the South West Graduate Prize as I was shortlisted finalist. The exhibition opens on the 1st of November at the Old Truman Brewery Brewary and I will featuring my graduate project “A Handshake with A Martian” which is also available to see on the artist page of this website.

To keep an eye out on what Im working on, check out my website and Instagram, the links will be below!



Social Media and Store Release News

The South West Collective of Photography doesn't just focus on graduate photographers. We have a strong focus on working students too. This week I have a small social media feature by Chloe West and her Second Year Project "The Marsden's". You can see this on facebook and on our instagram story. 

The Marsden's is a project based around my Grandparent's and their life together, following the bittersweet yet mundane process of age and ageing together. 

This is a new little social feature I want to experiment with each week, so if you are a First or Second year student studying at university. Submit some work and we can take a look.




This means, that starting from next week, if everything goes well, the store will be open. We will be supplying photographic accessories at a low cost aimed at students and graduates. This will be marketed once everything is set up. I thank you for your patience and support.






Landscape Photography Competition

This week The South West Collective has announced its first ever photography competition. With Entry costing £5.00 for a submission of two photographs, the theme of the contest is Landscape. The winner of the competition shall receive an engraved trophy highlighting their outstanding achievement. This competition is open to anyone and everyone, professional and amateur alike.

This is something I have wanted to do for a while and hopefully will get more people engaged with photography as a medium. You don't have to be a professional or have done a degree to love photography. Anybody can take an amazing photograph. 


Good luck to all who take part, the contest can be found on our store page!



Confirmed Product News

Hey everyone. Its been a little while since I last updated you all, but setting up a company is a long winded process which takes a ton of time.

I can now happily confirm that stock has started to arrive and can confirm rough pricing of these products. 


FUJIFILM C200 COLOUR FILM £3.99 A ROLL- This is as cheap as I can make it. I tried to get the legendary Poundland film, but the production costs have skyrocketed. This is still cheaper than other places!

RANGE OF ASSORTED CAMERA STRAPS- £5.00 to £10.00- A wide range of assorted camera straps of different colours and materials. Prices will vary, limited stock on some of the colours because I need to see what works and what doesn't. 

RK23 PROFESSIONAL MOBILE CAMERA CASE- £20.00/£25.00- This phone case allows you to turn your iPhone 7/8 into a more professional camera set up. Equipped with a grip for your hand, wide angle, macro and fisheye, this case is perfect for enthusiasts who take a lot of pictures on their iPhone. I will be throughly testing this product before it goes on sale to make sure that its good as advertised. 


NO MEDIUM FORMAT FILM :( :( :( :(- I have been trying so hard to get this for you guys. The reality is, If I did get hold of it there is NO WAY I could discount it for you. Its simply so expensive with its physical production cost, that I would be loosing money if I discounted it and as a 22 year old broke student starting a company, I simply can't. I know how much it costs as Ive just graduated my BA so I feel everybody's pain and Im sorry I can't get it. However IF I find a supplier that manufactures it cheaper I will obviously get it without hesitation.

MAYBE BLACK AND WHITE 35MM FILM- Once again, like the medium format film, Im struggling to find a supplier that I can get film in bulk for a fair cost. I am still researching this as I want to sell it as cheap as possible but have good quality film.

I will keep you all updated on the progress. As the company grows, the more stock, products and film I will offer, but right now its the bare minimum. However, your support is the only way this company can grow. 

Thankyou to everyone who's sent in their kind words and offers of assistance to me. I truly appreciate it. Only together can we bring photography and art South. Love you all. 






Product News

Hey everyone. Its been a little while since I posted an update about the progress of the company, so here is some of the latest information. 


I have some products on order for you guys, specifically at a low cost as I promised. This, in itself has caused a few problems because I'm out sourcing from the United Kingdom and EU, so theres a few implications and shipping issues that need to be resolved. However, they are on the way.

So whats coming?

FujiFilm C200 Colour photographic film. This is a good quality film which I used throughout my degree. These will be sold at either £3.50 or £4.00 a roll which is substantially cheaper than most places, it all depends on the shipping costs. 

Assorted Fabric Camera Straps: I have a range of sample camera straps heading my way. Ive ordered samples so I can test the quality and durability of the product before I order more. 

Various Accessories which are yet to be decided.

Of course all sales will be benefitting a good cause, so your support is hugely appreciated.

More to come soon, so watch this space!!


This weeks feature was by none other than Amy Louise Curtis and her project "Elementum". Amys work explores the relationships between our collective mythologies and legends, how they have shaped our society and how we tell stories. It explores our understanding of the universal archetypes and narratives within those stories, and how they can resonate across cultural or societal barriers. It also explores how the elements of nature are linked with different aspects of those narratives and the varying ways in which they can be present or represented within a landscape. This is available to see on our artist page so check it out!

Looking ahead to the future, getting the store up and running is now my first priority. Once this is sorted we will be looking at ways to how we can further work with students, graduates and others to help promote photography. If anybody wants to support us or assist, please do not hesitate to contact us.


More soon!