A New Beginning

So let me tell you a little bit about my self. My name is Samuel Fradley and I recently graduated with a 1st in BA Photography from the University of Plymouth. I'm a photographer like you. I'm a photographer who has just graduated and discovered the savagery and institutionalised nature that the photographic industry is. Based in London, it is extraordinarily difficult for artists to make a name for themselves outside of the city. This has to change. I am sick and tired of being told there are not many opportunities outside of the city, when there are hundreds of extraordinarily talented, un-featured photographers, in the same position as me, based here in South West who have little to no opportunities because of their geographic location. 

Although there are a few photography companies here, none of them seem to work enough with students, graduates and photographers. Community interest and public interaction is important, but it is crucial that we offer oppotunites and work with up and coming photographers and students to promote photography as a medium in the South West. My aim for the future is to get a creative space for us to all work in, to exhibit, to chill, to commission and most importantly promote photography and engage with the public, to promote it to the ”non photographic world”. A creative space is vital to the South West as currently there are no spaces for photographers to work or properly exhibit. I hope you can all support me on this endeavour, whether that be buying products or messages of support, only together can we achieve these goals. 

Photography is coming South.