Product News

Hey everyone. Its been a little while since I posted an update about the progress of the company, so here is some of the latest information. 


I have some products on order for you guys, specifically at a low cost as I promised. This, in itself has caused a few problems because I'm out sourcing from the United Kingdom and EU, so theres a few implications and shipping issues that need to be resolved. However, they are on the way.

So whats coming?

FujiFilm C200 Colour photographic film. This is a good quality film which I used throughout my degree. These will be sold at either £3.50 or £4.00 a roll which is substantially cheaper than most places, it all depends on the shipping costs. 

Assorted Fabric Camera Straps: I have a range of sample camera straps heading my way. Ive ordered samples so I can test the quality and durability of the product before I order more. 

Various Accessories which are yet to be decided.

Of course all sales will be benefitting a good cause, so your support is hugely appreciated.

More to come soon, so watch this space!!


This weeks feature was by none other than Amy Louise Curtis and her project "Elementum". Amys work explores the relationships between our collective mythologies and legends, how they have shaped our society and how we tell stories. It explores our understanding of the universal archetypes and narratives within those stories, and how they can resonate across cultural or societal barriers. It also explores how the elements of nature are linked with different aspects of those narratives and the varying ways in which they can be present or represented within a landscape. This is available to see on our artist page so check it out!

Looking ahead to the future, getting the store up and running is now my first priority. Once this is sorted we will be looking at ways to how we can further work with students, graduates and others to help promote photography. If anybody wants to support us or assist, please do not hesitate to contact us.


More soon!