Confirmed Product News

Hey everyone. Its been a little while since I last updated you all, but setting up a company is a long winded process which takes a ton of time.

I can now happily confirm that stock has started to arrive and can confirm rough pricing of these products. 


FUJIFILM C200 COLOUR FILM £3.99 A ROLL- This is as cheap as I can make it. I tried to get the legendary Poundland film, but the production costs have skyrocketed. This is still cheaper than other places!

RANGE OF ASSORTED CAMERA STRAPS- £5.00 to £10.00- A wide range of assorted camera straps of different colours and materials. Prices will vary, limited stock on some of the colours because I need to see what works and what doesn't. 

RK23 PROFESSIONAL MOBILE CAMERA CASE- £20.00/£25.00- This phone case allows you to turn your iPhone 7/8 into a more professional camera set up. Equipped with a grip for your hand, wide angle, macro and fisheye, this case is perfect for enthusiasts who take a lot of pictures on their iPhone. I will be throughly testing this product before it goes on sale to make sure that its good as advertised. 


NO MEDIUM FORMAT FILM :( :( :( :(- I have been trying so hard to get this for you guys. The reality is, If I did get hold of it there is NO WAY I could discount it for you. Its simply so expensive with its physical production cost, that I would be loosing money if I discounted it and as a 22 year old broke student starting a company, I simply can't. I know how much it costs as Ive just graduated my BA so I feel everybody's pain and Im sorry I can't get it. However IF I find a supplier that manufactures it cheaper I will obviously get it without hesitation.

MAYBE BLACK AND WHITE 35MM FILM- Once again, like the medium format film, Im struggling to find a supplier that I can get film in bulk for a fair cost. I am still researching this as I want to sell it as cheap as possible but have good quality film.

I will keep you all updated on the progress. As the company grows, the more stock, products and film I will offer, but right now its the bare minimum. However, your support is the only way this company can grow. 

Thankyou to everyone who's sent in their kind words and offers of assistance to me. I truly appreciate it. Only together can we bring photography and art South. Love you all.