Visual Story Telling - An opening exhibition by The South West Collective

"Visual Storytelling" OPEN CALL - An Exhibition by the South West Collective - Submission Form



The theme is “Visual Story Telling”. Entries can be from any Genre - Documentary, Portraiture, Photojournalism etc, we have no preference.

The South West Collective of Photography have been offered the fantastic opportunity through the Artizan Collective, to turn their pop up venue located on Torquay High street, into a fully operational public photography exhibition for a duration of 3 weeks beginning in early May 2019 (DTBC). This will be a first in Torbay in regards to photography and it will hopefully be the start of something fantastic within the local community and aims to engage with a wide variety of demographics, as well as promote arts and culture in the beautiful English Riviera.

We want the exhibition to have as much community engagement as possible and will seek to be holding workshops, talks and visits from local schools, as well as working with local businesses and organisations to try and get the public engaged with photography as a medium and our exhibition. We are hoping to run a series of events and talks from historians and lecturers which will educate students and the public on the selected works.


  • All submission fees go towards the accessibility and running of the event. We only ask for an £5 entry fee, as we do not have the financial capability of running a fully functioning public exhibition by ourselves. As of this moment, no-one gets paid from the South West Collective and no-one will be profiteering from this event. Our aim is to create a space to showcase photography in the South West.

  • As members of the collective are recent graduates, we understand how submission fees can cause restrictions, which is why we have kept our price low. Please remember that the chosen artists will be exhibiting in a fully insured, managed and rented public space. These things cost money to run and organise.

  • Chosen artists MUST cover the costs of printing, framing and transport of their work to and from the venue

  • If selected, all Artists will be provided with dates to attend setting up the exhibition. Dates for the opening are yet to be confirmed.

  • All work is fully insured in the space.

  • Your personal information and data is not stored in any form unless specified by The South West Collective.

  • The exhibition is run in association with the Artizan Collective in Torquay. The Artizan have secured the space for us to run the show. The Artizan and South West Collective will take a 30% fee from any sales of work during the show. The work cannot be taken down to sell during the show and the buyer must collect purchased work when we dismantle the show.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Who can submit? Anyone from any stage in their photographic career, from students to professional photographers.

  • How many images? You submit between 1-10 images.

  • How many works get selected? We will select four submissions to showcase their work, alongside four core artists who’s work corresponds with the educational program that we will be running.

  • When do submissions close? Friday the 12th of April at 5pm.

  • Those who will be shortlisted will find out confirmed dates by the 15th of April and further information regarding dates of setups and times.

Due to final confirmation, I have been asked to not share images of the space for now. If you wish to see the space please contact me. The above image is of the collective who are organising and arranging the space.

Please find all details on the shop page: